Surprise Ultrasound!

As I mentioned before, I had been having horrible nausea and thrown up multiple times the past few days. I had been miserable. Absolutely miserable.

I woke up this morning anticipating my appointment. I was excited to be able to get a prescription to help relieve some of the crappy symptoms but dreading actually waking up. Before I got out of bed, I was already sick. It was a long hour in getting ready to leave for Evans Army Hospital.

The car ride was nearly unbearable.Imagine being on the verge of throwing up and then having to ride a mini-rollercoaster.

We arrived just in time and thankfully I didn’t embarrass myself in public by throwing up.

I signed in and Sam went to get himself a muffin and coffee and me a hot chai tea. Without having to wait more than 2 minutes, I was called back.

The nurse asked me a few questions about my symptoms and pregnancy. I answered as helpfully as I could. I was still really seasick at this point.

The nurse, before leaving and bringing in LtCol Terwilliger asked “Would you mind if we did a probe ultrasound to date the pregnancy?”

Excitedly, I replied “Of course, but could I have my husband here with me?”
She affirmed and went out to the waiting room to get Sam.

A few minutes and a wardrobe change later, Sam was there with LtCol. She talked to me about my symptoms and prescribed me Zofran. I was so relieved–hopefully relief was in sight.

She then began the ultrasound. Soon, a little blur came on the screen–a black area with a white blip. She zoomed in and MOMENT OF TRUTH: Are we having TWINS?!

There was little one! One little miracle. No Twins! She described everything on the screen. She zoomed in and we could see the little heart throbbing, pixels moving around the screen. It was astonishing–so miraculous. We heard the heartbeat: 173 BPM. She said that was normal. She also measured me as being due November 7th.

This was more than we bargained for today! While Little One was on the screen, I didn’t feel sick. I felt thankful and amazed at God’s plan and how He creates life.

We drove home after the appointment and I ate a saltine with a Zofran. I laid down for a 4 hour nap. I woke up feeling good and drank a big glass of water and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was a nice surprise to feel good: Not amazing, but non-nauseated. Heck, I’d take that!

Here I am 9 hours after my appointment and I feel so much better.

Thank you, Zofran.

Here is Little One!


Little One on the right with the circular yolk sak.


You can see the indent on Little One’s left side where the paddle-like arms and legs are! Little One was moving during the ultrasound! It was uncanny! We’ve got an active one here, folks!

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Surprise Ultrasound!

  1. This is so awesome! So glad to hear the day has been full of blessings! Take care of yourselves….Love Dad & Mom W.


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