It just got real.

Graphic content warning, for those of faint heart.



I hate throwing up.

I hate it.

I hate it worse than a hot summers day with no shade or breeze.

I hate it more than stubbing my toe and slinking to the ground in pain.

I hate throwing up more than I hate grape flavored foods.


And guess what I’ve been doing since yesterday? Yep.

Throwing up.

I was quite thankful that all I had was nausea and that there was no actual product of said nausea. I was hoping it’d pass soon. After 3 episodes last night and one today, I am defeated. 

I called the OB Triage nurse and told her my situation. She took my info and told me a Triage Nurse would call me back within 72 hours. 

Sam and I finished watching Mission Impossible when my phone rang. It was the Triage Nurse, Ann. She asked me how I was and my symptoms. She set an appointment for me to go see LT Colonel Terwilliger in the OB department tomorrow morning at 9:00. She suggested a prescription for Zofran but wanted to set me up with an appointment with that Colonel so they could clear me for it. 

Lord Almighty, I’m praying for relief. I am hoping that I can make it to the hospital and through my appointment without vomiting tomorrow morning. I’ve been drinking clear liquids (gatorade and water) and have been relatively fine.

I know I’m not the first pregnant woman to go through all this stuff and I surely won’t be the last. Still sucks either way.


Sam went grocery shopping for me! Bought me pudding, gatorade, jello, stuff for pb and j sandwiches, and some vitamin B supplements. He got me more, but I haven’t left the couch in 5 hours.

He has been so helpful to me. He retrieved a warm wet towel each time I ran to the bathroom. He helped me clean up after. He is willing to help me with whatever I need and asks if I need anything. He’s been a trooper. I’m so thankful for him.

It truly is a wonderful thing to have friends and family who listen and can sympathize. I’ve reached out to a few these past few days because I can’t handle it alone. It’s a great feeling to have people who reach back.


Hopefully everything is fine at my appointment in the morning. I will keep you posted. 



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