Week 8 Stats


How Far Along: 8 weeks. 

Baby size and random info: Little one is the size of a raspberry! Baby is moving its arms and legs and webbed fingers! 

Symptoms: Still very nauseated the majority of the time. I get lightheaded a lot and dizzy. Still haven’t found a good solid ‘cure’ for me. My lower abdomen is pooching out a little more. 

How I’m feeling: Sick. A bit tired. Sick. Wishing I could drink more water without getting nauseated. Sick.

Week’s highlights: Not a good highlight, but felt the sickest I ever have this week. Sam and I went to the BX and Commissary to get a prescription for his hand and we tried out some rocking recliners. We also discussed more nursery theme ideas, such as superheros and old school video game characters. 

Boy or Girl? Boooooyyyy

Cravings: I’ve been wanting eggrolls like crazy. I love eggrolls. Sam and I were walking to the movie last night and we walked past Ai sushi where someone was leaving. The door was open and out wafted the glorious scent of grilled Asian food and rice. Oh my goodness. I’ve been wanting to try ginger chews and candy for my nausea but I don’t like ginger at ALL so I am scared to. 

Worries/Concerns: The blood glucose test. I’m so sick all the time that I fear going in there, having to drink that orange stuff, sit there, and get my blood drawn multiple times. Gah.

Goals and what I look forward to: Choosing a theme and name. Look forward to being normal again.



2 thoughts on “Week 8 Stats

  1. You look super cute! Praying that your nausea will calm down and you can focus on more of the fun stuff soon. 🙂

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