Growing Belly and Walk

After our walk!



I have been craving going on a nice long walk for the past few weeks. I’ve been a little down because of the morning sickness issue and haven’t had a chance to really workout or do something positive for myself. Sam and I woke up to a wonderfully beautiful day outside–70 degrees! We rolled out of bed, slipped on our shoes, and grabbed the pups. We went on a 6 mile walk around town. It was absolutely wonderful to get outside and get moving. I forgot my water and was parched the whole way. 

Made a mistake when I got home and drank a few sips of water rather quickly. Within 30 seconds I was in the bathroom hugging the toilet. Sam was thoughtful enough to make me a peanut butter sandwich to help soak up my stomach. 

During our walk, I felt so…big. My lower belly is sticking out now. I swear this happened over the past 3 days. We joke about having twins, but I’m beginning to think it’s gonna be a reality based on how quick and big I’m getting. Of course, we’ll find out for sure in a few weeks at our ultrasound appointment. Not only does my lower abdomen look and feel bigger, I had trouble jogging (slowly of course) because my boobs were in the way. Seriously. I’ve never had this problem before. Sam was all staring and encouraging me to keep jogging, and not for my own health benefits. 😉 He has been nothing but supportive and helpful to me of anything I need, and it is such a great feeling to know he still finds me sexy and attractive. That’s huge for me.

While we were walking, I decided that I want to set goals to jog another half marathon and perhaps even a full one after the baby is born. I really want to get in better shape after the baby. I want to go on runs with baby and take time for nightly walks with Sam and little one. 


I think the most frustrating thing about people asking me questions is their response to my admission of feeling like crap with morning sickness. In general, people respond “But I thought it was just the morning that you get sick with that…” No. It’s all day. All….freaking……..And I can’t blame them for not knowing–how can I expect people who aren’t pregnant or around babies to research stuff like that? Vent Vent Vent RANT RANT RAMBLE. 


I am very excited to go see The Hunger Games later today. The books were very good. These books were actually one of the first books that I’ve slowed down my reading time and made a mental effort to picture and visualize what is happening in the book. As basic as that sounds, I don’t usually do that. I am one who reads just to read and doesn’t throw myself into the situation or get lost in the world the book creates. It was quite nice to get absorbed in a book.

Hopefully it’s a good representation of the book!




Off to relax and calm my body. 


Have a fantastic day!


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