Long Week

It’s been a long week! 

So long, in fact, that I don’t really know what to post about.

I could post about the fact that my wonderful husband helped coordinate and participate in a 40 hour dodgeball marathon to raise money for charity and break a world record. 

I could post about how excited I am to see the Hunger Games (and how sad I am that I finished all the books so quickly and now have to wait FOREVER for the other ones to come out).

I suppose I could post about how my morning sickness is, but you already know the answer to that.

I could post about how lovely the weather is and how I am so thankful for a non-bitter winter.


Oh, by the way, Sam broke his finger! He thought he sprained it during the game but we went to the ER after the tourney was over and they confirmed it was broke. 



He will have to see a hand specialist when we return from our spring break trip. 

Ya know, God has funny ways of getting our attention. Sam has been struggling for a long time now with what to do in the future–stay in the military, get out and go guard, contracting work, etc. If Sam has to get a pin in his pinky to set it, he won’t be able to reclass into the majority of the jobs that he wants. Perhaps God is giving us a nudge in a different direction or think of different perspectives and opportunities.



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