Sea Bands and Puppy Love

My wonderful husband leaves for work around 6:30/7:00 am each morning. Right after he leaves, the dogs both jump on the bed and curl up with me. Here is what happened first:


Ash is a like a snowplow in the morning. He’ll walk up to you and not stop until his neck is at your face and he is sniffing you and licking you. Then, he plops down. He laid down next to me and I rolled over to lay on him. He actually didn’t seem to mind…


Next came Pax, slowly and gingerly crawling on top of me, laying down and just staring at me. This happens on a daily basis. 

I love it.




A friend of mine, while pregnant a few years ago, wore seabands all the time around her wrists. She claimed they helped her nausea. I was just reminded of it today and went after school to Wal-Greens to pick myself up some.

I’ve been wearing them for about 4 hours now. Do they work? I want to say yes. I can’t tell– I’ve been staying hydrated and keeping snacks in my tummy all day today. Then again, I haven’t had a bite to eat in an hour and I’m not feeling as nauseated as I usually do. It feels manageable right now–not debilitating (which is a wonderful and welcomed surprise). 

I bought myself some freezer pops and sorbet pops for a nice treat. I’ve been feeling really thirsty lately, so been upping my water intake. For the past few days, I couldn’t stomach more than a swig or two without my nausea getting worse. Now that it’s subsided for a little bit (fingers crossed!) I’ll drink and drink!


Sam and some of his friends from work are trying to break a Guinness Record for Dodgeball. They’ll be playing for 40 hours straight starting tonight at midnight. What fun!! I’ll be there as much as I can recording and supporting them!



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