Anti-Nausea Campaign & The Twins Story

I’m running for president.

I think I could do the job credibly. 

If indeed I get elected, I will be the PRESIDENT OF THE ANTI-NAUSEA CAMPAIGN.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Lynnell, I now am in possession of preggo pops and some ginger chews. I am hoping these work for me! She also provided me with lots of dairy products, as her little one doesn’t appreciate her eating such foods and she wanted to help a fellow preggosaurus. 



Yesterday while at school I was craving something warm for my stomach. I chose a ramen noodle soup cup from the bookstore snack fund. Surprisingly, it calmed my nausea. I bought another one later in the day and it calmed my stomach yet again when I was feeling icky. 

Ramen noodle soup cup, you can survive the apocalypse and my nauseated stomach. You pass the test.

I’m feeling a bit better today, but not swell enough to start clicking my heels. I’m staying full on fresh juice and water for now, later I might venture out to the store to get ramen noodles. Probably not the most healthy thing to eat, but it calms my stomach and that is important to me right now! 





My friend Jillian let me tag along beside her through her pregnancy last year and I was able to learn so many things I would never have figured out on my own. We joked about my want of twin boys. Any time we went out baby shopping, she’d swing by the little girl section and I’d venture into the baby boy section. Nonetheless, my desire for twin boys was known to her and we still joke about it today.

The fact that I actually want twins (yes, even for my first pregnancy or at all) is something people tend to get whiplash from and cockeye my way. Therefore, I don’t share that fact with many people.

While Sam was deployed last year, I spent nearly all my time at Jillian’s house. This one day in particular was no different. I walked in the door and she just exploded in excitement telling me I needed to hear a story. Her stories are always very fun, so I readied myself for a grand story.

She had me sit down and she began.

Patsy, Jillians mother in law had called her earlier in the day to chit chat. Out of nowhere, Patsy said “Oh hey, you remember your friend Jenna? I had a dream about her last night.” 

“Oh yea?” Jillian said.

“Yea. I had a dream that she was pregnant and gave birth to twin boys.”

(Jillian had never mentioned my desire for twins, boys, or the combination to her before)

At this point, I just screamed and started laughing. I had her call her mother in law back to ask what they looked like. She said they had fuzzy heads like baby chicks. Brown hair. Lots of energy. 

I should add as well that Patsy is somewhat of a prophetic dreamer. She dreamed about Jillian’s little girl before she was born with all her features that came to be. She also has dreamed of other things for other people that have come true. I do believe in prophetic dreams, which makes it all the more fun.

Who knows if it’ll all come true or not! I would imagine my belly would be growing larger and faster than it is currently if I was indeed having twins, but then again, I’m no pregnancy expert. I think I’ll collapse if I get told we’re having twins at the ultrasound. 



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