Baby Gifts!

I received a message from my friend Jessica, saying she had some extra baby things I could have if I was interested! Why, OF COURSE I’m interested! Thanks to her, little one has a high chair and some EXTRA cute outfits already! 


 The whole shebang!


Blankets and Burp Cloths!


A singing dog! 


Super cute onesies! 




I am so thankful for my friends and family who are willing to share their pregnancy and delivery stories. I am the type of person who likes and finds comfort in gathering a lot of information. Researching and gathering information is like pulling big fluffy pillows all around me and collapsing into them. 

To be even more redundant than I have been in the past, I am sick. Yes. Nauseated. I am fully allowed to complain on here especially since I feel bad enough about wobbling around in person and don’t want to add to it. 

Sam and I spent today packing up the house, cleaning, painting and such. I found myself quite winded after a short amount of time. I also, even after having chex and some yogurt, felt sickly. I often had to sit down and breath it out. That helps a bit. I think riding in the car makes it worse as well. We finished running errands to Goodwill and the Airman’s Attic dropping off donations and Sam was driving. It took all of my willpower to avoid throwing up. We went to King Soopers to get some groceries and I wobbled inside. After a bit of walking around, I felt a little better.

I’ve now tried pretzels, switching my vitamins to nighttime consumption, drinking a little bit of water more often, and gingersnaps. I’m feeling very discouraged. 

It’s supposed to go away after the first trimester. I pray it will! How can women survive any longer than that?! 

I’ve noticed I’ve been a bit moody too. Actually, quite moody. Easily agitated, frustrated, moments of pure elation and then utter despair. Whew. I’ll have to have Sam checked for whiplash after all this ends.




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