First Appointment

Little One’s first appointment was yesterday. Sam and I visited Premier Medical Clinic. I wasn’t feelin’ too hot– nauseated, dizzy, irritable. Somehow, I managed to calm myself down enough to be excited and receptive to everything the nurse told Sam and I.

The doc says I am a picture of perfect health and she foresees no issues arising, a low risk pregnancy. Woo hoo! I’m so happy about that. She gave us pamphlets on nutrition and what to avoid in addition to a book on what to expect and things to read up on. I was bummed when I found out there would be no ultrasound or heartbeat this appointment. She was kind enough to schedule the 2nd appointment a week earlier than had been originally planned. 

Little One’s second appointment with ultrasound and doppler will be April 13th! So soon yet so far away. 

Doc also told me I needed to take a glucola test because of my dad’s diabetes. I was bummed to hear this, but I’ll do it anyway. Hopefully next week early. Results from this test will be discussed at the next appointment. Sam insisted on coming with me to take the glucose test– I thought it was so sweet of him to want to sit with me as I get poked and prodded. 




Mood swings are coming back. I feel bad and apologize to Sam profusely. I’ve also noticed that I’m getting picky about my water, I’m snubbing my nose at food in general, and that my sense of smell is heightened. Oh, how I’ll miss my wonderful collection of perfumes.

I feel generally nauseated all the time now. Especially after I eat. It’s not so much when I get hungry or forget a snack. 

We bought some milk a few days ago and I drank a glass today with some strawberry syrup. I immediately regretted my decision.

I am not sure how to combat this. I have to eat. I find myself snubbing my nose at things I usually love–salads with chicken, chicken sandwiches, fruits. I’m pretty frustrated at this point.

I’m also quite tired.

Today, while riding in the car, I turned back to talk to my friends in the backseat and pulled a muscle. I immediately started cramping slightly down on my left side where I believe the baby is and I was so worried. I relaxed and drank some water and tried to not worry, but still— it’s so early in my pregnancy, I don’t want anything bad to happen. Me overreacting? Maybe. Maybe not.

I really am hoping for a good weekend. I feel so spacey lately– very distracted and absentminded. I feel as if I’m drifting off and not really here– in a state of being tired and nauseated. Thankfully, Sam has been taking care of me by making sure I get nice cold ice water and being so kind and helpful to me. I am so thankful for him.




This weekend is cleaning weekend. Then school. Then Kansas. We are visiting our family for a little bit and I’ll be helping my mom at her shop if she needs it. We’ll also get to show off our brand new fraggin’ wagon! YEA! 



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