Doctor Appointment Tomorrow

Is your baby bald? Want extensions for your baby’s short locks? Look no further.

Moving on…

Doctor appointment tomorrow!! I was so stoked about this appointment until I heard it would only be a preliminary informative appointment. Now, I am only half stoked.

I kid.

I am still really excited about going to the doc. I had my hopes up to get an ultrasound or blood work or something a little more official than a pee-on-a-stick-positive.

There is so much to be thankful for. My wonderful husband insists on being with me every step of the way–to every appointment, through everything. I am so happy he is interested and wants to be a part of this with me and little one!

Baby fever has hit. I see pregnant women everywhere. I see kids holding hands with their parents and strollers being chased by enthusiastic mothers. The only thing that hasn’t hit has my overwhelming desire to go baby shopping. I admit, it hit when we first found out a few weeks ago (my gosh, really that little of time ago?!). I demanded that we go shopping for nursery items ASAP and it had to be done all before week 5.

Eh. Maybe it’s just that money is still a little tight. Hopefully things will ease up here soon when our car payments lower and when I get my rear in gear to earn a little extra with baking and art.

I did, however, see some VERY cute outfits at Babies R Us yesterday with my friend Brittany. There was one outfit that consisted of two separate onesies, white and grey stripes on one and a solid red one with a crab on it. It was too cute.

Speaking of animals, I have a thing for giraffes and foxes. Apparently, foxes aren’t the hip happenin’ thing right now, I can’t find anything fox related. There are a few cute giraffe things, but I don’t want cute—-I want baby-classy, if that’s possible. Heck, anything is possible! The world is open for decoration!

In other news, a friend of mine posted this on facebook and I found it disturbing. I had asked my mom a week or so ago about getting genetic testing and if all of it was necessary. She simply asked “Would you do anything about it if anything came up abnormal?” and I replied “No.” To that, she replied “Then don’t get them done.” It is as simple as that.


I follow the Natural Birth blog on TheBump and there was a post today that caught my eye– one about a woman getting odd looks and reactions when she explained to her family and friends that she wanted a natural birth. No drugs. I have yet to receive any odd looks or bad reactions towards my decision to deliver naturally without the  help use of drugs and painkillers.

Then again, no one has asked and I don’t think it is something to throw on the table while at dinner with friends.


I think I figured out my nausea problem. I’ll start taking my prenatals and vitamins at night rather than in the morning with breakfast. Did I tell you that already? Oh lord, I can’t remember.

Today was a lovely nausea-free day. The weather was wonderful. Today in general was great. First thing this morning, I swam with my friend Brittany, later in the day I received a B on my Music History Final and finished my Music Theory final within 5 minutes.


I adore swimming.The last time I went swimming was … golly…. over a year ago? I dearly missed it. We did laps with the floaty, I did some water jogging and different stationary aerobics like treading water and frog kicks and what not. I am so excited to go back again and make it a habit. Again, I am so thankful that the pool was empty! I was able to turn up the music and swim at my leisure without worrying about taking up too much room in the pool. I prefer swimming without any other people there so I can focus on my workout rather than if I look good or am embarrassing myself in my bikini.

I’m headed back to the pool tomorrow! Love it.

Hope you have a fantastic day!


One thought on “Doctor Appointment Tomorrow

  1. Genetic testing is your decision. Everyone has their own reasons. We knew regardless with Arie she was ours and we were keeping her. But I myself had such a serious health issue and family history that knowing prio I felt could only help prepare us if need be. Having CF was such a taboo subject when I was born and when I got pregnant was even asked if I was keeping my pregnancy because it could end my life and hers. People with cf just don’t get pregnant let alone on their own. Luckily things are way different now even from having Arie. Colorado is one of the few states who automatically test newborns on the newborn screening for CF. That’s how my parents found out about me and it was caught so early. Now not all test are accurate but there are different stages they re-do the test to get the most accurate. Testing for cf now and others is so common like peeing on a stick which is re-assuring for me. Now I never had a amnio with her every test done was through regular blood work or measured by ultrasound. It never put us at risk. Another reason the office I went to for Arie offered to do the test is if I needed counseling or my family to handle whatever the outcome may be.

    On another note I was all about elephant’s with Arie and only one designer made her and doing her room took me forever. Not to mention I refused pinks and purples. I did green elephants and what I couldn’t find I did jungle theme closest which was hard back then LOL. Amy Coe is who made hers.

    Idk if I helped any just a thought (=

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