Week 6 Stats


How Far Along: 6 Weeks 1 day. 

Baby size and random info: Little bean is the size of a …little bean… A Lentil! That is about a quarter of an inch! Development includes nose, ears, and mouth. Little dark spots where the eyes will go are forming too! The brain, muscles, and circulatory system are continuing to form! Arm and Leg buds continue to bud out…

Symptoms: Still a little bit of cramping. Moodiness has receded a little. No cravings or aversions. I have to be careful with the brand of toothpaste I use…I’ve noticed if I use a certain brand at night before bed, I’ll wake up nauseated and with a sore throat. I’ve found myself very thirsty. I’ve kept up with at least 64oz water daily, with ice and freezing cold thank you very much! 

How I’m feeling: Feeling good. Excited for our first appointment on Thursday (2 days!). I’m excited to get the ball rolling.

Week’s highlights: Feeling my lower belly getting a little bigger. My boobs have gotten bigger, and that fact makes everyone happy. Registered baby at the Airman’s Attic to start picking up baby things.

Boy or Girl? Team Blue.

Cravings: Nothing yet! 

Worries/Concerns: First ultrasound/hearing baby– want everything to be normal. Working out–what I can and can’t do.

Goals and what I look forward to: Buying baby things and decorating the nursery. 



Still no clue on names for baby. We kinda got excited and talked names into the ground. Though, we did think of another name we liked : Tiberius. We watched a medieval movie last night and one of the men in the movie was named Tiberius. Not too bad!


Have a great day! 


2 thoughts on “Week 6 Stats

  1. Maybe it’s the geek in me but Tiberius will always be a Star Trek name to me… And I’m not knocking the name.

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