I hate it.

I’ve been nauseated all morning. When Sam and I left this morning for an appointment, I realized that I had forgotten snacks. My heart sank. I knew my nausea would only get worse without keeping something in my stomach.

I think I might have figured out what triggers it for me. I take my vitamins in the morning. I take the Whole Foods 365 brand Prenatals and Caltrate Calcium chews. I have a small breakfast and take my vitamins with food every time. This morning, I had some yogurt and took my vitamins. I then proceeded to get nauseated all morning. Taking my vitamins at night might help this problem– the concentrated nature of the vitamins and minerals might be too powerful for my stomach in the morning. I’ve been drinking cold water, but that only helps so far.

Hopefully I can get this nausea thing managed.

My next research topic will be nursing vs formula. Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Nausea

  1. Everyone is going to have their own opinion and most people will tell you that it is entirely up to you. Most people includes me. 🙂

    While science shows that “breast is best” and I don’t doubt that, there is nothing to show that formula is detrimental to babies and their development. I tried breast feeding, (and I encourage you to try it – you might enjoy it!), Lottie and I had a few issues that I just couldn’t get past. So we switched to formula and haven’t looked back.

    One of the issues with formula is that they are milk based powders. If you baby has a lactose issue, you will not know until you try formula. If this is the case then there are special soy formulas, such as Prosobee, that are available.

    I suggest you really try breast feeding first. Really make a go of it. Even if you’re just pumping and then bottle feeding. Then if you decide that you don’t like it, you’re uncomfortable, there are issues, you won’t look back and go, “well I didn’t even try…” and you can switch to formula without feeling guilty.

    But most importantly, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty. If you go straight to formula, that’s alright too. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing! I need to do all the research and definitely ask new moms! I know some who strictly nurse and others who strictly use formula. I see the pros and cons in both.

  2. As mentioned above, how to feed your baby is ultimately your choice. I breastfed both of my sons for a year and it was a very rewarding experience. Of course, I was lucky to have two quick learners! One thing I wish people had told me before I started breastfeeding was that it’s a team effort: you and your baby. It’s almost impossible to practice until you have your partner there to see how they will do. I have friends who struggled with breastfeeding for months and stuck with it because it was important to them; I also have friends who found it so enjoyable that they are still nursing their kids now that they are 2 or 3 years old. I know others who breastfed their first but decided to go with formula for the second because they felt resentful that their husbands weren’t getting up at 2 AM to feed the baby.

    I guess the important thing is to not stress too much about it. If you start out breastfeeding and struggle, get help. The New Parent Support Program on Peterson is great; the lady who runs it is also a lactation consultant and she does house calls free of charge. But if it doesn’t work out or if it’s stressing you out too much, formula is perfectly healthy for your baby! It’s not worth going crazy over. You have enough things that will make you crazy so you don’t have to let feeding be one of them.

    I’ll never forget the first bottle of (supplementary) formula my oldest had. He was probably 3 weeks old. I was napping. My sweet husband, not wanting to wake me up to feed the baby, gave him a small bottle from some of the free samples we’d received from the hospital. When I woke up later, ready to feed him, I almost took my husband’s head off for giving him formula (crazy new mom…). In retrospect, I should have thanked him for letting me get some extra sleep. One bottle of formula didn’t cause “nipple confusion” or make me lose my supply. Everything seems like a big deal when you have a new baby and you want to do everything perfectly. But you can’t let it make you too crazy!

    And on that note of rambling advice… I think I’ll stop writing!

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