DIY Wipes?!

10 things you don’t need for newborn!

DIY Wipe Solution!

I love researching neat ideas and tips! If you’ve got any neat sites, share! 


One thought on “DIY Wipes?!

  1. I have a DIY wipe “recipe” that I love. They worked great – even on the really horrible “stuck on” poop. As longs as you don’t skimp on paper towel quality, or you use wash clothes, you’ll be fine. And it saves you a lot of money in the long run…

    I didn’t register for a diaper pail, and I didn’t plan to get one. But I got one at my baby shower. I won’t lie – I like it a lot. But the article is right, you really don’t need one…

    The changing table I did really want – her dresser is to tall to turn into a changing station. And I plan to repurpose it into a book shelf once she’s too big to change on it. And I really do use it – 90% of her changes are done on the changing table.

    We don’t have separate detergent for her clothes. Neither David or I have sensitive skin, so chances of her having a reaction to something like detergent were low. She gets the same stuff we use.

    I love her crib… It’s a fancy one that transitions to a big girl bed. The way I see it, if you’re going to buy expensive furniture, you wanna get your monies worth. This crib will last her for a quite a few years.

    Everything else I totally agree with. 🙂

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