New Addition!




Our newest addition to our family! 

Sam and I had put our Nissan Altima Coupe on Craigslist for $12000. We received a few bot replies and then one from a car dealership here in town. We decided to go into the car dealership to see what they would offer us if we went in person. 

Got there, and they took our information. Our salesman then talked over our options and showed us a few cars under $10000. We found a Passat Wagon, 2002, and test drove it. Loved it! 

They then sat us down and we were expecting a “Well…we can get you in this car for $500 a month! GREAT DEAL!” He put the paper in front of us–They’d give us $12500 for our Nissan and sell us the Passat Wagon for $7991. That’d make our payments $179 a month with $5500 down. (We were going to put our money down or pay our overhead off anyway, so why not use it as leverage in a dealership?!) We hummed and hawwed and were taken aback. We didn’t expect to find such a good deal or a car we both liked. We told him we had another place to go take the car to get appraised, and he went away to talk to his manager. A few minutes later he came back and set new numbers in front of us– Still giving us $12500 for our Nissan but lowering their car price to $6991, making our monthly payments $159. We just couldn’t pass it up. 

We’re very thankful! We have heated seats, a sunroof, great room and space in that car! It is a 5 speed and has a lot of giddy up and go! To top it all off, we’re saving $300 a month on our car payments. We are just so relieved! 

There’s plenty of room to get little one in and out of the back seat! The doors open up all the way, so it’ll be simple to take the carseat in and out of the car. 

Sam and I are spending today cleaning the car and cleaning our house! I know that’ll help calm me down. I’ve been just a little stressed lately with so many things laying around and not in its proper place.



On another note, the name of the person who contacted us from the dealership was Cartier. Sam and I weren’t sure on how to pronounce the guy’s name… Carter? Car-tee-ay? Carty-er? 

We settled on Car-tee-ay and walked into the dealership and asked for said person. We turned and next thing we knew, a woman was walking towards us. To quote Lloyd.. “I was WAY OFF!”


This brings up a good point– will people butcher our choices for childrens names if they aren’t obvious like “John” or “Matthew?” I think a simple correction would be fine. Might get a little old after a while, but hey–our kid’s names will be memorable.




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