Week 5 Stats


How Far Along: 5 weeks 2 days. I’m trying to get caught up so I can update week stats on every Monday when my new week turns!

Baby size and random info: Little Bean is the size of an appleseed! It’s sprouting a nose, ears, paddle-like arms and legs, and the circulatory system is forming. The heart is also getting stronger and bigger to support the growing size! (Thanks bump.com for the info!)

Symptoms: Cramping isn’t as intense as it was last week but still feel a throb every now and again. Getting thirstier and have noticed the need to munch on food throughout the day rather than just at meals to avoid getting dizzy and nauseated ( like I did today!)

How I’m feeling: A lot better today emotionally. I finished “Hypnobirthing” and reading it really made me confident that I could have a natural birth. Made me excited for the whole process.

Week’s highlights: Swinging by Babies-R-Us and looking at strollers, cribs, themes, and clothes! Realized Sam and I have different opinions and likes. It’ll be hard to decide! The excitement of realizing I’m pregnant has set in and I’m just…SO excited. So happy.

Boy or Girl? Still hopin’ for a boy. Honestly, twins.

Cravings: Hrm.. Spicy foods. I have a weakness for spicy chicken. I picked up some chobani yogurt and fell in love with it again. It’ll be my source of protein and calcium!

Worries/Concerns: Standing my ground on my pregnancy/childbirth ideals, making decisions about strollers, cribs, etc (Sam and I disagree on a lot), gettin’ all the info regarding schooling options and other major parenting issues.

Goals and what I look forward to: The first appointment! It’s in a week. I also look forward to being able to sing to baby and read to baby.

Life is so different!


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