What would you do?

I forgot to tell this story.

While at home, Sam and I went bowling with Sam’s family. Now, this is (relatively) small town Kansas.

To reach the bathroom, you have to go down ramp to the lower level and cut through a narrow hall to the bathroom. I headed down there and heard a couple of young girls laughing.I walked into the bathroom to see one young girl (maybe 5?) holding the door shut for her little sister. No parent in sight. I did my business and as I was coming out, the girls were still in there…alone. No mother to be seen. The older girl asked me “Would you help my sister wash her hands?” and here was a 4 year old girl with soap all over sudsing up under the sink.

Immediately, I felt awkward…should I help her rinse her hands? Should I tell her no and go look for her mom?

I chose the former. I bent down to the girl’s level and asked her “Can I lift you up to wash your hands off?” She looked at me and smiled, so I said “Okay! Gonna lift you up!” And I counted down and lifted her up to the running water. As she was finishing rinsing her hands, the mother walked in the bathroom. I looked back and said “Sorry! she asked for help!” And the mom said “That’s fine.”

I rinsed my hands and walked out.

It really upset me that two little girls were allowed to go to the bathroom ALONE in a BOWLING alley late at night. There was more than enough time for something bad to happen to those little girls or for someone to steal them away.

Looking back, I should have spoken up to the mom about how she should have been with the girls.  

It’s moments like that one that make me mentally note what I will and will not allow with my kids. 


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