Trip home!

Lord help me!

I’m not sure what the deal is–but I’m totally moody. Feeling happy and ecstatic followed by utter depression and crying spurts. Anyone else have such crazy swings?!

Is it bad that I want to go out right now and register for everything? I would love to start painting the baby’s room and setting up furniture I haven’t yet bought. Lord willing, there is plenty of time to plan and prepare for little baby! I am just so excited.

Sam and I, on the drive home from Kansas, discussed our parenting goals and what we thought would be our strengths and weaknesses.

What will be our issues?

Worrying: I tend to over analyze things and think things over too much. I will be the worrywart. Sam is generally worry-free and carefree.

Car: Our two door speed machine (Nissan Altima) might not fit a car seat and we owe a bit on it, enough to cause problems in trading it in.

Food: I have found the value of natural and healthy food while sam munches next to me on Cheetos and ice cream. I will have to grow eyes on the back of my head so that sam doesn’t allow them to eat nothing but m&ms, mountain dew, and Cheetos.

There are so many things to learn. Sam and I laughed at the fact that we were talking like we knew what to expect. Even though we have a vague idea of what we’re getting into, we know there are certain things we’ll encourage:


service to others

independence and self sufficiency

kindness and gift giving


ability to express their opinions and debate

how to bake, cook, clean, hunt, fight, build things.

I have read so many books lately about pregnancy. I anticipate reading articles on parenting and craft projects. So many exciting things to discover!

The thing that most impresses me is the availability of information. Women all over keep blogs with their personal experiences from which others can glean, pregnancy and parenting sites are in abundance, and women with children are happy to talk and offer books or information. I feel so blessed. It is like a little research project— love it!

Baby theme ideas: Grey and white, grey and green, or warm khaki/reds and oranges.

Look forward to a great week!


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