Week 4


How Far Along: 4 weeks. Barely getting started!

Baby size and random info: Baby is the size of a poppy seed! Organs and body parts from here until 10 weeks are starting to form and some function.

Symptoms: Mild cramping, like a dull throb. All on the left side. I have also been feeling a bit absentminded (perhaps just from the shock of the news?) and moody (from telling everyone and absorbing it). I feel bloated and pretty gassy! I might just float away…

How I’m feeling: Pretty good! Excited to have told family and ready to announce it to everyone else. I’ve been doing so much research about pregnancy and childbirth. I read through a lot of books a few months ago when we first were trying and when we found out 3 days ago, I’ve absorbed another 4 books. Feelin’ really positive and praying for little one daily. 

Week’s highlights: “Holy moly, we’re pregnant.” We found out just a couple of days ago! We’re so excited. I’m chomping on the bit to go baby shopping and make registries. I’m designing the baby’s room and excited for things to get going.

Boy or Girl? Hopefully a boy! Either way, a healthy baby is what Sam and I ask for. 

Cravings: None. Been ramping up my protein and getting more carbs. Taking folic acid now too.

Worries/Concerns: Childbirth pain, “Will I be a good mom?,” first doctor visit, standing my ground on my pregnancy/childbirth ideals.

Goals and what I look forward to: I look forward to getting the bump. Pictures of my belly.actually having the baby. I’d like to implement a consistent workout routine and glean as much advice and information from other moms as possible!


God’s timing is perfect. We tried for three months and got pregnant. I was on Nuva Ring birth control for over 5 years. I’m so thankful that we got pregnant now. Emotionally, I had just released a lot of tension and resolved a few past issues. I know Sam is excited and ready. 


More to come….


One thought on “Week 4

  1. Cramping on the left means you probably ovulated on that side this cycle. The follicle the egg was in sticks around and provides hormones till the placenta develops and takes over that part of the job… an ultrasound would be able to confirm it.

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