The Story

Sam and I have been married for five and a half years. We have built our marriage strong and full of communication, intimacy, and laughter. The majority of those years have been spent in the military.We have enjoyed our little family of just him and me and the dogs. We always assumed that we would have kids someday but never really talked about it. 

Sam has deployed twice. He came back from his most recent deployment in October of 2011. We then visited our parents out of state and a late night conversation over a game of canasta made us realize that we had never really talked about having children. We decided to get off birth control and start baby making! 

The first month after trying, I was on a high–expecting a pregnancy test to magically come up positive. When it didn’t happen, I was quite put out. The second month of trying I was a bit discouraged but realizing that this effort might take time.

The third month was different. Towards mid-month, I randomly felt an urge to take a pregnancy test after I started to feel a bit crampy on February 23rd. It came back negative. I ho-hummed around for a while after (once again) getting my hopes up. I conceded to the fact that I’d just get my period like normal and we would have to continue trying. 

My cramps continued. I thought it was odd that I had been cramping for 6 days straight (a mild dull cramp that came and went). I mentioned this to my husband and he suggested that we take a pregnancy test. He told me we’d take one the next morning (the 29th of February).

I groggily woke up that morning to my husband’s kiss and voice. I stumbled out of bed looking gracious and elegant, I’m sure, and peed gloriously on that stick. 

I didn’t expect anything. I just peed on it and turned it face down onto the floor and walked away. I told him to retrieve it after a minute or two and that a negative sign meant that we weren’t pregnant and a plus sign meant that we were adding to the family.

Sam retrieved it and held it up to his face, scrunched his face, and turned it to me asking “What does this mean?” It was a faint positive. 

I replied with a smile “Baby, we’re pregnant!”

We hugged and talked for a bit! I couldn’t believe it. He eventually left for work and I went back to bed but I could not sleep. I was so excited, my head teeming full of thoughts about pregnancy and the future. 

Sam sent me a text that said “By the way, I’m stupid excited!” later that day. My heart was full of joy. 


We had told most everyone we knew that we didn’t want kids right now and had no plans of trying. We had kept pushing the idea away. This is why the majority of people we told that we are pregnant were so confused and asked if we were joking.


We’re so very excited! I look forward to sharing our journey!


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